StarThruster 2000


StarThruster 2000 is the sequel to one of the most sophisticated JavaScript games on the Internet, StarThruster 1000. The basic gameplay is very similar to the first version, but with more weapons and special features. It's meant to be a 2 player game, but I guess it's kinda neat to play around with by yourself. I've made this game to demonstrate the power of JavaScript, and to prove that complicated Dynamic HTML can be made to work in both Netscape Navigator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0 without making totally separate versions.

Here's a list of the new features:

  • midi soundtrack and sound effects
  • slick new interface and graphics
  • the ability to save your settings using cookies
  • new weapons and power-ups:
    • Nuclear Bomb - shoot it and after a certain distance it blows up. If you're within the explosion radius you loose 10 shield.
    • Mines - you can drop 4 of them. After 1 second they blow up and take off 5 shield.
    • Shield power-up
    • Extra Ship power-up

Game Controls

I moved the 2nd player keys over to the number pad so that the 2 players' hands aren't squished.

Blue Ship
Turn LeftX
Turn RightV
Green Ship
Turn Left1
Turn Right3


Bug Reports

If you see any bugs in the game (something doesn't seem to work properly, or any JavaScript errors pop up etc.) please e-mail telling me as much about the bug that you can - the line number a JavaScript error occured, what sequence of things you did that caused it to occur. That sort of stuff really helps.

The game seems to work pretty good on the Windows 95 and NT versions of Netscape 4.04 and Internet Explorer 4.01 - that's what I tested it with. I haven't tried it in other OS platforms such as Macintosh, Solaris etc. so I can't be certain it will work properly on those. Please e-mail about how the game works on those OS's - does it run fast? does it crash your browser immediately? etc.

Future Enhancements

I didn't include as many new features as wanted to in this release because I'm busy working on other javascript projects. So I guess that leaves room for another installment to the StarThruster series. Here are some things I'd like to have in StarThruster 3000:

  • 1 player game (it'll probably be totally separate from the 2 player version)
  • more weapon advancements of course:
    • the ability to switch which bonus weapon you use
    • "smart mines" that only blow up when you get near them
    • for proton blasters I might make an ammo count so if you run out too soon your totally defenceless until you get some more

If you have any ideas feel free to e-mail me them

Begin The Game

Launch StarThruster 2000
Enable Sound


The sound will only work if you have a sound card and your browser is properly configured for audio playback. Internet Explorer 4.0 has audio capabilities by default, but some versions of Netscape Navigator 4.0 (like the "base install") do not include the multimedia component. You may have to download that before the sound will work.

If you have a slow computer (less than Pentium 120) you might want to disable sound because it does take up some of the resources of the browser.

Please have your cookies enabled - I use them for saving your settings. They must enabled if you want sound.

The game is 222Kb (175Kb without audio) and will take
about 2 or 3 minutes to download on a 28.8 modem.

If you would like to learn how to make games
and animation using Dynamic HTML, then visit
The Dynamic Duo

StarThruster 2000 was made by
Dan Steinman

Copyright © 1998 Dan Steinman

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