Scroll Object Version 2

The new version of the Scroll Object (Scrollv2) is totally rebuilt using a componentized model. Scrollv2 is merely a packaging object (like the DynWindow and ScrollList), it just assembles other objects into a uniform package. The only real new features are vertical and horizontal scrolling, easier to set up. All the visual structure is identical, but I added a nicer scrollbar animated "jumping" (when you click somewhere further below on the scrollbar part). It is not 100% complete yet - it does not have every feature of Scrollv1 (such as non-buffering) but it is useable enough to displace the older version.

The widget objects it uses are:

I will be explaining each of these objects in further detail once this new Scroll is complete. For now you can just look at the source code to these objects to see how they are set up. Any regular reader of this tutorial will have no trouble setting it up just by looking at my examples below.

I'll also provide a few "image-sets" for the images that are used, one of each operating system for example. The one provided below is the NextStep look and feel.

Source Code

scroll2.js - view source
buttonimage.js - view source
scrollwindow.js - view source
scrollbar.js - view source


View scroll2-demo1.html for a file loading example
View Source Code

View scroll2-demo2.html for an inline example
View Source Code

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