Write Method

I only recently decided to put the Write Method into my "standard" dynlayer (although that's not a good name for it). Generally with the DynLayer you only need to include the stuff that you want, and I wanted this method in there because about 3 or 4 other lessons use this.

The DynLayer Write method allows you to re-write the contents of the layers by using the document.write() command for Netscape, and the innerHTML property for IE. Please read the Layer Writing lesson for a full explanation of what's really going on when writing a layer.

Using the write method is very simple:

mylayer = new DynLayer(id,nestref,iframe)


mylayer = new DynLayer('mylayerDiv')
mylayer.write('my new content goes here')

View dynlayer-write1.html for a write method example.

The Dynamic Layer Object API

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